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Waterford County is a unique and memorable place known for its rural character, dramatic landscape and panoramic outlook. A place that respects and cherishes its natural environment and embraces the unique character of the area and the site itself.

Our latest stage release is in a new precinct The Dales. The Dales is the start of a new beginning for Waterford County, we’ve jumped the ponds from one Precinct to a brand new Precinct (it’s a milestone for us).

Stage A has 32 lots located right on Whitewater Park. Lots range in size from 487m2 to 1021m2.

Stage B has 20 lots ranging from 495m2 to 1006m2.

Stage C features 26 flat, easy building lots with frontages ranging from 17m to 23m.

Stage D includes a wide range of lots from 525m2 to 818m2.

Stage E overlooks the Billabong Park and features easy building lots from 562m2 to 782m2. Stage E is just a short stroll to parks, playgrounds and our new school.

Stage F features lots facing the new Dragonfly Adventure Park and is only minutes to Billabong Park, playgrounds and our new school. This is a limited release of 26 lots, ranging in size from 525m2 to 1062m2

Stage G Featuring 24 lots with 6 lots facing over the Billabong Park, blocks ranging in size 510 m2 to 658 m2

Stage H With 30 lots situated on the higher up the hill. A short walk to Billabong Park. Blocks ranging in size 560m2 to 700m2.