"Location Location Location"

"One Word"

A Very Good Investment

We came down to visit, found out about this area here and the fact that there are display homes here… and it’s even more impressive now with 19 builders and 46 display homes… Absolutely amazing - a very good investment.
Mary & Barry Residents

It just feels finished and neat

It’s easy for us if we need to head to Sydney, or if we need to catch an aircraft for work or head into town on the rail; it’s a good centralised location. The community itself that they are building and is already developed, really suits what we like. It’s very community and family based Some of the estates are just streets and houses and that’s it… and here we already have parks and trees, it just feels finished and neat.
Nadine & Grant Residents

Peaceful and Relaxed Atmosphere

We work in opposite directions, probably 40 or so minutes away, so it’s a nice little central hub for us …so Michael just suggested that we have a look at the blocks of land and we just fell in love with the community here at Waterford County. There’s definitely a really peaceful and relaxed atmosphere here at Waterford County.
Michael & Erin Residents

Waterford is breathtaking

...you can get easy access and Waterford is the perfect location... …you’re not too into the valley, you’re close to the city without being too into the city… …a friend of mine told me about Waterford, and she drove me here. It was actually love at first sight… …Waterford County is breathtaking
Orlando & Michelle Residents

We're close enough to everything

Newly married couple, Adam and Bianca Nial, still can’t believe they are owners of a brand new home in Waterford County. Both with busy working lives, a wedding to plan and hopes to start a family, building their dream home in the perfect location was the icing on the cake for this young pair.

With a fixed budget and no desire to continue renting, Adam and Bianca weren’t prepared to buy a house in Newcastle that would need further renovation costs. “To be able to build your own home at our age is awesome. You get so much more for your money. It’s our home - we own it and that’s the best part.” They are also grateful to have experienced such professionalism with their builders. “We were lucky to build with McDonald Jones Homes. They made the whole process so simple for us.”

Bianca describes her home as the perfect escape from the fast pace of the Newcastle CBD. She looks forward to coming home where she can immediately relax and enjoy the open space. “You don’t notice the 20 minute drive home from work because it’s such a nice, easy drive.” Adam and Bianca are also able to enjoy a social lifestyle being close to a number of weekend destinations. “We’re a short drive to the Hunter Valley, the beaches in Newcastle and our family on the north coast. Waterford County really is an epi-centre for us - we’re close enough to everything”

As a bonus, gone are any concerns of leaving their friends behind in the city. Adam remarks, “Our friends come to us now!” But who could blame them? With a nice new home and lots of space for entertaining, including an open al fresco area, it’s little wonder why their friends and family now choose to head over to the Nial’s.